Joey mousepad (Dontae Freeman) living the "real college life"at MSU.....SouthWest Detroit born, the mile living (seven that is) just trying to live up to the greatness that they promise me. Hope I make it......Oh yea.... Fuck The Cool Kids!!!!

9th January 2013

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we all masturbate in the same language

and what language is this?


that was deep

so were my fingers last night


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8th January 2013

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I thought the same damn thing. 

his last name is freeman too

My ancestors

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8th January 2013

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8th January 2013

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8th January 2013

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The fact that he thinks college is just about reading a bunch of words shows how ignorant he is.

He may own a company and be a millionaire but there are men who are far richer than him who make his career and success even possible.

He may have talent but without the men in suites who “read a bunch of words” he’d just be another rapper trying to make it.

I’m sure Jay knows college is more than a bunch of words. He’s a business man and has some level of intelligence or he wouldn’t be where he is. You’ve got to read between the lines sometimes. Jay didn’t go to college, he didn’t even finish high school. He chose another route. But that doesn’t make him and less intelligent than those men who went to college like a lot of people like to make it seem… So why should he feel threatened or scared when in their presence? They were simply educated differently. Him through life and life experiences and whatever else he acquired throughout his life, career, and business dealings. And them through higher education.

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8th January 2013

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8th January 2013

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Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow… 


I spit out my fruit punch.

and they all have the same hair


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8th January 2013


Things that are useful are often difficult


8th January 2013

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8th January 2013

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These are my last post, hope they are good come on lets make my last day on tumblr great